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Origin: Miami-Dade MDAS

NAFAF pal and rescue family- @pitbullsandaddicts - has a new, gorgeous girl that has been receiving much needed R&R with the amazing R&R team- @ringandrundogwalkers! When Mike realized that Trinidy’s health was far more concerning than what was explained & a quiet place to rest, getting focused attention from trusted colleagues was best for Trinidy. Thankfully because of @rebeccacorry, @standupforpitsfoundation and social media- Trinidy caught the eyes and stole the hearts of so many while being sheltered in the animal control facility, MDAS, in Miami, South Florida. She was broken, defeated & simply heartbreaking.

PBAA contacted MDAS and requested that she would be placed under Mike’s program here in SI NY. Mike immediately had transport waiting for Trinidy once confirmed that she could travel to NY & was evaluated by the amazing vet experts at Bay St as soon as she arrived to SI. Trinidy is much older than the assumed age from MDAS and her health is of great concern. Along with being used as a baby machine & obviously overbred, she has multiple mammary masses present. Those tumors will be addressed surgically if she cleared medically to undergo anesthesia. Besides that, Trinidy is suffering greatly from pyoderma- pus of the skin. Typically staph infection is the cause and when severe, as in Trinidy’s case, her joints are inflamed causing painful mobility as she presented with soreness & limping. She is currently on vast medications for her eyes and skin infections, anti inflammatory meds, along with antibiotics to cover the newly presented upper respiratory complication. We are not surprised by the URI since majority of animals coming from a crowded, stressful shelter environment, such as MDAS, experience this type of infection.

Along with those issues, multiple medicated baths per week are needed & is very underweight. Trinidy’s appetite was nonexistent at first but now she is reluctantly eating multiple small meals daily even though she has a limited palate. We are diligently working on finding out what Trinidy enjoys so she can gain healthy appropriate weight.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Trinidy was rushed to @baystreetanimalhospital yesterday morning after waking up in a puddle of fresh blood. This was extremely concerning and @ringandrundogwalkers immediately brought her to the hospital for diagnostics. She already has multiple concerning health issues including mammary tumors, pyoderma of the skin and upper respiratory infection. Please pray for Trinidy. She desperately needs a break. She deserves to enjoy her new freedom while being spoiled.

TRINIDY UPDATE: Trinidy was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon after undergoing multiple diagnostic tests. To recap, Trinidy was rushed early morning after she woke up sitting in a puddle of blood. The great team @baystreetanimalhospital immediately got to work. A torso x-ray thankfully showed that her multiple mammy tumors have not metastasized, an ultrasound was ordered to check her uterus. A full CBC plus urine sample was tested which showed no UTI.Trinidy is showing elevated white blood cells pointing to infection while her red blood count is down along with her hemoglobin. She has lost 20% of her red cells since before the weekend which coincides with her vaginally evacuating blood and pus this morning and throughput the day. Her kidney function was normal which was some good news but her liver numbers were slightly high as a result from the current medication so not alarming. The ultrasound proved that she has a post-spay infection - a uterine stump abscess. This means a small portion of the uterine stump, attached to the cervix is still present and infected. Since there isn’t a uterus the infection has backed into the abdomen causing her to feel painful, lethargic and most likely why her appetite is off.

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? Trinidy should have been feeling better will the meds she was on by now so an antibiotic switch is needed to battle whatever strain of bacteria is causing the infection. The bleeding should begin to dissipate over the next few days after the new meds get into her system. Also, the mammy tumors need to be tended to after she is stable, has put on healthy weight and if possible, can withstand surgery and anesthesia. Surgery will be revisited at a later date. Trinidy has a long recovery road ahead of her including medication, shampoos, healthy enriched food and supplements besides probable surgery.

We are all in this for the long haul and we hope you will support and join us on this journey with Trinidy. Please consider supporting Trinidy’s medical care by visiting - Dire Situations