Welcome to Near and Far Animal Foundation

Welcome to Near and Far Animal Foundation

Welcome to Near and Far Animal FoundationWelcome to Near and Far Animal FoundationWelcome to Near and Far Animal Foundation

We are the rescuer's rescue.

About Us


Who We Are

We are a group of like minded, passionate, animal advocates that will stop at nothing to help an animal and a rescuer in need. 

We have joined forces to bring 

Near And Far Animal Foundation to fruition. 

We believe in order to save the animals, you have to save the rescuer also. 

Some of the places we intend to reach are remote and impoverished, with little to absolutely no resources. 

With the extensive rescue background we collectively have, 

we will focus on the struggles of our rescue colleagues both here and abroad. 

We will never overlook their daily fight to rescue and rehabilitate the broken, abused, diseased and neglected.

Making up the team are veterinary techs, nurses and medical liaisons, seasoned dog handlers, 

master groomers and logistic specialists, 

shelter and client relationship managers, adoption/foster coordinators, experts in marketing and promotions, 

and just plain old hard working group of spectacular humans 

that can see a problem and figure out multiple solutions. 

We hail from the NYC area, plus Long Island, Westchester,

New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We hope you will follow us on our journey 

to make a difference in all the lives that need our support. 


Our Mission

Near and Far Animal Foundation focuses on saving animals that are forgotten, abandoned and in dire need of a compassionate helping hand right here in our own land and across the globe. We are committed to working with independent rescuers and volunteers in places like New York, Texas, Puerto Rico, Peru, Honduras, 

Venezuela and Mexico.

We focus on saving the animals most organizations have not. 

Rescuing animals should never have borders. 

Every animal deserves the chance to be loved 

no matter where they are geographically located.

The rescue world just got slightly bigger

and this can only result in more dogs’ lives 

not only being SAVED but TRANSFORMED for the better! 


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Near & Far Animal Foundation assist 

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