Origin: New York City

11/20/2022 UPDATE:
Rest gently and at peace Spaghetti🙏
With the heaviest hearts, we regrettably announce that our bravest Spaghetti now rests with the angels. These words sting as the tears roll down. 
After reading the sweetest notes written by the purest hearts of children yesterday, Spaghetti seemed to start to rally again. 
There was hope back in his eyes. 
Our boy took in the sights of so many caring for him. 
He felt the touches of compassion. 
His heart was full. But his body was defeated. 
Late last night he took his final breath on his terms. 
He was tired. 
We would like to think that he held on as long as he did so he could finally know what a family was and what it felt like to be loved. 
We pray he left us because he felt safe enough to let go and be in a place far better than this earth. 
We like to believe that God called him home because He has a greater mission for Spaghetti to fulfill. 
Today there is an army of broken hearts across the globe. 
We ask that you keep the staff at BSAH in your prayers as they are grieving.
Please, in Spaghetti’s memory, be a little more kind today. Hold him close to your heart as he now watches over us. 
There are still unanswered questions and the authorities are investigating. 
Please refrain from the questions “what happened” because our hearts can’t handle it right now.
We just want to embrace the unconditional love that you all gave and think of Spaghetti now playing with the others among the rainbows like a silly puppy again. He is now a strong, chubby “meatball” roaming around heaven with the angels. 
Spaghetti, you are loved beyond measure. You touched lives across our world and you are most certainly in a better place. You formed an army during your short time with us and we will continue your mission so you can have the dignity you deserved and that you mattered. 
Visit us in our dreams big boy. 
We love you. ❤️

Critically anorexic condition, Spaghetti was someone’s dog! His overall body condition is horrific. He tested negative for the common viruses that could cause this kind of deterioration. He is at least 50 pounds underweight, Spaghetti’s initial lab results are surprisingly unremarkable which only means his skeletal frame was created intentionally!
He has pressure sores on his boney parts of his body. His gums are severely pale due to anemia caused by malnourishment. His nails were extremely overgrown and urine stained and his body wreaked of foul odor. 
Spaghetti is admitted to @baystreetanimalhospital and we pray that it’s not too late for him to recover. His organs are taxed and have been abused. 
Please send positive prayers and if you can, please consider supporting his critical care and treatment .

CRITICAL EMERGENCY: Earlier tonight, our trusted vet team reached out to us - NAFAF and @pitbullsandaddicts - asking for assistance with this extremely upsetting severe neglect case. One look at this dog and immediately we both said we would collectively help in any way possible. 
Named Spaghetti, he is currently with @dogtor_aanonsen and great team at @baystreetanimalhospital receiving emergency care. 
We will continue to update as we receive info. 
What we do know is that he is STARVING! He is a skeleton with fur!
He is receiving fluids and he does want to eat. 
NAFAF will be handling his emergency care and PBAA has committed to his placement if and when he is stable enough to leave the hospital. 
If you can donate, please do so or
Venmo @nearandfaraf 
to support the NAFAF Medical Fund. 
If you can’t contribute but want to help, please share or add a DONATE button on your social media platform for SPAGHETTI. 
Prayers needed for his strength.

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