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Donation Total: $20.00 One Time

Origin: NYC

Independence Day is supposed to represent freedom but for Sergeant it was the day he was tied to a pole, abandoned and forgotten. 
The kind NYPD officers of the 105th Precinct saved Sarge and contacted Mike @pitbullsandaddicts who immediately agreed to welcome him to Freedom Home. 
Sarge’s overall poor condition is hard to accept. His vision is severely compromised, his massive body is malnourished, and you could count his ribs, but most importantly, there is a huge visible mass under his jaw line which indicates lymphoma. Last night, NAFAF nafaf met up with Sarge at BSAH and we instantly fell in love. After his initial evaluation by Dr. A, prognosis is bleak, but we agreed that we would all strive to give Sergeant the very best of life that was supposed to have given him in the past. We promise to give him experiences filled with compassion and kindness. His future will be filled with loving family and friends. And together we will erase the neglect and disappointment. And just like we have done in the past for dogs like Betty White, we would like you to join Sergeant’s Army. We will announce how you can help Sergeant, and make the time that he has left here on this earth memorable and filled with unconditional love and respect.
Sarge will need supplies to make his days comforting such as an orthopedic bed, cooling mats, supplements and treats. 
**Please stay tuned for how you can sign up and spend some time with Sarge. 
**This will be an appointment based visit schedule so he is not overwhelmed. 
@nearandfaraf is grateful that we can help Sergeant and assist our local rescue colleague with critical medical cases that others cannot help. 
Whether days or years, we will give him our all. 💪
Remember your generosity allows NAFAF to say YES to a dire situation or help other organizations. 
Your donations directly change the lives of the discarded and sick. 
Thank you for helping NAFAF help them.