ORIGIN: Venezuela 

Starving, alone and plagued with genitalia cancer from constant mating, an independent rescue colleague of ours located in Venezuela pled with us to help rescue this emaciated, docile and very grateful girl. Weary and broken, Rubia simply allowed her to scoop her right off the street! 

With financial burdens overloaded due to the pandemic compounded with Venezuela’s critical lack of resources, our colleague is not able to feed another dog, get her the necessary medical, vaccines, and treat what we have learned to be her TVT cancer! 

She is currently isolated from the other dogs at the sanctuary in Venezuela. Her TVT cancer is contagious. This is the sad reality for street dogs. TVT cancer is highly curable and gives dogs like Rubia a chance at a life filled with hope.

At this point, Rubia had to undergo surgery to remove the multiple cancerous tumors near her genitals. 

Sweet Rubia’s cancer was not budging even though she has been receiving chemotherapy treatment to cure the TVT cancer that is plaguing her but sadly she has not made much progress. It will be a long arduous road to recovery, and there are many battles still on the horizon but she has the will to live and we have the will to support her!



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