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And wherever you are, we hope the skies are bluer, the colors are brighter, the hills are higher, and the world is kinder.
We will love you forever.

With deep sadness, we must announce that our bravest boy, Ravioli, left this earth while surrounded by his devoted rescue family.  His body was defeated and he deserved dignity.  And although he is no longer suffering, we now take on the heartache and pain of his loss.

TPN IV nutrition was introduced and became apparent that it would be a form of life support.  His digestive organs were so badly damaged from his past that his body couldn't recover. 

WHAT DOES THS MEAN: This means that for the past month of eating like a normal dog and without IV nutrition, Ravioli was not able to effectively absorb the nutrients being fed to him during his 4 meal per day.  

He also presented with 2 different types of bacterial infections: skin and blood.  The intense antibiotic that he was on began to damage his kidneys.  And without it he would become septic.

He could not maintain a safe body temperature and his electrolytes were crashing. He entered refeeding syndrome again once TPN nutrition was introduced and this would be the ugly cycle he would have to endure over and over.

We made Ravioli a promise that we would keep him safe and show him love and that also meant to grant him peace even though we wanted him to live a long happy life with us.

We hope that the month he spent with his amazing, compassionate foster family erased all his loneliness and pain and he left us knowing how loved he was.

We need to acknowledge and appreciate the heroic veterinary teams that stopped at nothing to give our little boy the chance at knowing what unconditional love and family feels like. VEG Williamsburg, @baystreetanimalhospital@dogtor_aanonsen and @pennvetschool -THANK YOU🙏 Your compassionate care and guidance allowed so many to fall in love with our Ravioli. From a lonely stray, Ravioli gained a family of thousands. 

And may his Good Samaritan be blessed for caring enough to change his destiny of being a homeless orphan to our adored ‘Oli. 

❤️Be kind. Ravioli would want that.

Is this dejavu? Ravioli was named by the tech that cared for him and his circumstance is almost identical to our beloved boys. Once again in the borough of Queens, NY, another severely emaciated male neglected dog was found roaming the streets. A Good Samaritan took him in to give him shelter and something to eat but sadly that started refeeding syndrome quicker than anticipated. He was brought into VEG of Williamsburg where the kind staff stabilized him and kept him since Thursday.
Just like Spaghetti, NAFAF and Mike @pitbullsandaddicts was sent his photos simultaneously. Was this a sign???
Mike immediately committed to Ravioli and a tentative plan was made.
Earlier today Ravioli was transported to PBAA and tonight was admitted to BSAH. His radiographs show small foreign bodies which are moving through his system.
He has been passing small rocks. He is ravenous and will try to eat anything he can off the ground. He is starving.
He will be under observation along with monitoring of his chemistry- electrolytes, phosphorus, glucose plus daily rads to track those “rocks”.
We think he is between 3.5-5yo.
He has not had an easy life.
He is hunched, weak, his teeth are worn and he is anemic.
Bloodwork is pending along with fecal results.
Virus panel is negative.
Please consider supporting Ravioli’s critical medical care.
We need you in order to help him.
Please visit the link in our bio or Venmo @nearandfaraf or to donate.
If you are not in the position to donate, please consider sharing or creating a fundraiser to support Ravioli’s treatment.
Thank you🙏 and please pray for him.