Rascal was found roadside in the middle of the night with severe leg wounds, an exposed bone and infection setting in.  When our Texas rescue colleague asked for assistance, we could not refuse and committed to Rascal’s medical care as well as, finding him a loving family once healthy. His hospitalization which includes x-ays, vaccines, daily wound care and boarding has been costly and continues to rise. His open wounds must heal before surgery can take place so the risk of infection and hardware rejection is minimal. He needs continual bandage changes and we are awaiting an orthopedic plan for surgical correction. 

Doctors believe he will need surgery to add a plate or  possibly an amputation. 

As per his vet-“Fracture to radius and ulma (bones in forearm) the bones are over writing. They need to be pulled into place but the wound is right over it. The type of 

bone injury needs to be platted but no surgeon will do it bc of current major infection.”

He is being watched closely to see if infection is caught and under control but if he starts to show signs of failing, amputation will be necessary.  In either scenario, Rascal deserves whatever it takes to reach health and wellness and live a comfortable life. We promised him we will give him just that!