Does your child need help regulating?
Is socializing overwhelming or difficult?
Do they have a hard time connecting to something new?
Studies show animals can help a child gain confidence, come out of their shell and motivate them.

Our goal oriented sessions are mentored by well versed and knowledgeable instructors.
Objective driven activities include:
Animal Care Skills:
Learn basic animal care techniques to provide essential care for puppies.
Teamwork and Collaboration:
Collaborate with peers and puppy staff during tasks,
fostering teamwork and cooperation skills.
Confidence Building:
Develop self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment through
successful completion of puppy care tasks.

1 hour session - $60
30 min session $40
Multi child discount - $20 each additional sibling
1 hour Group session rates available

Contact us to learn more or to make your appointment to reserve a session:

Near & Far Animal Foundation, along with our colleagues in animal rescue,
wants to bring the joy and innocence of playful puppies to our future advocates
for a more inclusive and brighter tomorrow for both child and companion.
NAFAF takes a new and much needed approach to RESCUE.
We focus our efforts on saving animals by building bridges in the community through socialization and awareness. We strive to accomplish these goals with our own rescue puppies
while bringing joy and acceptance to our neighbors because we believe more is accomplished TOGETHER.
Near & Far Animal Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization.