Origin: Venezuela

HEARTBREAKING - Puppy Grace is in horrific condition. Pleas for help were posted on social media. Grace evaded rescue until Olga set out to find her. And so she did! Hiding among the brush, Grace is infested with maggots feasting in a huge gaping wound on her head.  She is flea infested and starving. Please sponsor Grace’s veterinarian care. Olga and her husband began to remove gently the maggots that infested the gaping hole present. Grace’s eyes are compromised and she cannot see. It is unknown if her vision is lost or if it is from the sweeping and infected tissue surrounding her eyes.  She is malnourished and anemic.  The worms must be removed in a manner so they remain intact so they do not break and cause more damage and infection. 

If you can spare any amount to help Grace, Olga will do everything she can to help her. If you can donate to this emergency case, please do so or

Venmo @nearandfaraf to support Grace’s care and treatment. 

How does a pup get this bad??? Why???

These questions will never be answered without evoking anger and sadness but today we can help Olga get Grace the very treatment she desperately needs along with food and supplies. 

We will continue to give her the support she needs to keep fighting so she can heal from the brutal condition she was found.

We are begging for help. We are inundated with medical cases and we are aware that the economic climate is dismal. 

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please share or add a DONATE button in your story for Grace. 

Thank you for caring. And please pray for Grace. 

We will update as we receive information.

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