Origin: Peru

So many dogs suffer when they have no owner, but imagine being “owned” and this is the cause of your suffering! Someone who keeps you chained to the point that your collar and chains embed into your neck cutting through the skin! Then infection, rotting and maggots settle in! An exposed larynx, how can he live like this? A miracle is the only answer. There is no medical reason for him to still be alive yet somehow he has survived long enough to see his chains cut, to feel human compassion and to hopefully be saved. 
Imagine you’re him and you can’t escape, you can’t get help, you just suffer minute by minute and day by day! This is the existence of poor PELU, who was rescued in Peru. 
Rescued but not saved! This didn’t happen overnight- they watched as he suffered and deteriorated, as he withered and writhed in pain! 
In addition to the abuse he was covered in ticks, fleas, and as a result he has Elrichia, and this has caused such damaging anemia that a transfusion may be the only way to keep him alive long enough to have a chance at survival! 
He needs an immense amount of prayers, medical care and compassion for him to be saved! 
Antibiotics, pain meds, intense wound care, possible transfusion to start. 
We are begging for help. We are inundated with medical cases and we are aware that the economic climate is dismal. If you can spare any amount to help Pelu, Edith will do everything she can to help him. 

If you can donate to this emergency case, please do so via the format below or Venmo @nearandfaraf .

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Thank you for caring. And please pray for Pelu.

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