LIL OLIVIA wants to come to the states! 
When she was rescued she was full of scabies, fleas and ticks. Infected eyes and defeated. Well little Miss Sassy Pants looks amazing and is full of life! Tiny Olivia is absolutely precious. Her anemia is resolved and her erhlichia is treated. 
Her next stop on her rescue journey is to come to the USA!
Are you her family? Olivia loves to play with dogs and cats of all sizes and would be a wonderful addition to any family.
Please find it in your heart to donate something so we can continue to help Olivia as she waits in Peru until she can travel to her forever in the states.

Her rescue story -
Olivia was burdened with fleas and scabies. Scabies, is a major issue in warmer climates. Most people refer to it as Sarcoptic Mange which is caused by mites and is highly contagious. The mites burrow into the skin and cause extreme discomfort which leads the dogs to constantly scratch and itch. This in turn often leaves them raw and hairless. Medication is needed to combat this condition which is plaguing the vast majority of street dogs!

It is our wish to combat this condition specifically and arm the rescuers with the necessary medications so they can immediately begin treatment for dogs suffering from the burden of these parasites.  Our rescue colleague contacted us with a plea. When she went out to tend to her personal dogs & this little tiny female she has named Olivia was sitting in front of her home shaking. She was filled with visible topical parasites, including fleas, ticks and scabies. It was likely she tested positive for Elrichia being so burdened with ticks. She had no money at all to get her treatment and we couldn’t allow her to just sit and suffer without seeing a vet to quickly test her blood for any illnesses or tick borne diseases. She needed the vet to prescribe medications to quickly rid of her all of the topical parasites and most likely internal ones as well.



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