Origin: Honduras

CHEMOTHERAPY NEEDE ASAP- Do not look away! This boy needs your help now. Melissa sent us a frantic plea if NAFAF could help her rescue this dog. His name is Luis and his owners threw him to the street because he is plagued with sticker tumors engulfing his eyes. Sticker tumors are TVT cancerous growths. Very common among street dogs because sterilization is almost nonexistent and TVT is a sexually transmitted cancer. These type of tumors are very fragile. They break and bleed and spread easily. Luis needs immediate veterinarian intervention. 
Blood tests, chemotherapy, supplements and food with be needed to start. 
WE ARE BEGGING FOR HELP. The animals need you.

Can you sponsor a chemotherapy session to help save Luis? Luis was evaluated at the clinic. He is plagued with TVT sticker tumors; cancerous contagious sexually transmitted growths. His eyes are covered with these tumors and he has growths in his genitalia. 
Chemotherapy is needed ASAP once his red blood count goes up. His platelets are quite low. His is also suffering from tick disease- erhlichia which is causing him to be anemic. 
He needs to gain strength to withstand chemotherapy. He also has a high burden of intestinal parasites. 
Chemotherapy is $50 per treatment and he requires 6 sessions to begin. 
If you can spare any amount to help Luis, we will do everything we can to help him.

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Donation Total: $20.00 One Time