Origin: Peru

Her name is Kira. She is filled with scabies, cuts, parasites and wounds. Every cut, every raw bloody patch, represents the neglect and abuse she’s had to endure. As if there could even be anything worse, sadly there is. She has a large long cut that has scarred across her belly. This could only mean one thing: she was used as a breeding machine, and for whatever reason they “performed a caesarean” or more like they ripped her open to get the babies. These demons who did this to her, see the babies as income, they see the mom with the sliced abdomen as DISPOSABLE. She was no longer any good to them at that point, so she was tossed out like a useless piece of trash. Will you help Kira? Her immediate needs include antibiotics, vaccines, medication to expel the ticks, vitamins, and high nutrition food to help reverse some of the damage as well as promote skin healing. Once healthy enough, we hope in the near future, she will need to be spayed. Please consider donating to Sirena’s medical care and therapy. Help us help her.

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