Origin: Santa Domingo

HELP NEEDED NOW. PLEASE DONATE. We know this is painful to see, it pains us to see it, but imagine being this poor soul who is living it? Locals with a good heart in Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo rescued this poor soul and immediately messaged a known rescuer not far from them. They not only have zero means to get the dog to a hospital, they have no experience with caring for such a dire case so they did the best thing they could and got the dog to a rescuer. 
She immediately began to remove the worms one by one herself and assessed the damage. 
How the injury occurred is unknown. What is known is that the infection is so severe it swelled the area beyond belief, and to add to this already horrific scenario, the maggots and flies completely infested the area. 
She is now taking the dog to the hospital, but knows this is even beyond what she can realistically handle. She will need to give payment to start treatment and continue treatment.
This dog will not be able to eat without IV, and the fear of it turning septic from prolonged infection is a very real concern at this time, as is the level of pain and how affected the eye may be on top of the obvious missing jaw and mouth area. 
Time is of the essence is a certainty! PLEASE, no amount is too small. He did not ask for this to happen. He is severely malnourished, he is defeated and needs us, his only chance to survive.

Any amount will help get him the veterinary care he needs. 
We need your help. We can’t do this alone. We need your support to make a difference and give these animals relief. 

Please consider donating to NAFAF’s Medical Fund so we can get the animals in dire need veterinary care. 
Help us help him. 

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