In the wake of the global pandemic, with her town completely shut down, our rescue colleague searched for this poor soul after seeing images of his condition. Upon intake he was the living definition of what it means to be “skin and bones”; battered with a horrific leg wound it was not looking promising for sweet Javi. With our help she was able to get him to the hospital, where his wound with myiasis, a parasitic infestation by fly larvae (maggots) which grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue could begin to be treated. As if this wasn’t severe enough, Javi also has mange! He endured so much pain but remains a warrior despite the odds stacked against him! 

After days of hospitalization it became clear that Javi would need an amputation as the gruesome injury would eventually turn him septic. 

His long road to attain health is nowhere near over. 

We continue to spend Javi’s  funds for fresh meats- liver and beef- healthy calories, balanced diet to help him build strength and support his platelets. This is critical in his ability to have a successful recovery. 

He currently remains in  guarded condition because of damage to his aged body but HE WANTS TO LIVE!  Help us help  JAVI. We are committed to seeing this boy reach his medical goals and we will support him on every step of this long road!



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