Origin: Santa Domingo

Hugo has been living on the streets of Santa Domingo and eluding being rescued. Last seen a few weeks ago, his ear was so badly infected it was oozing pus, dripping blood and maggots were feasting on his flesh. A local sent our rescue colleague the video but by the time she arrived he was gone. Hugo hadn’t surfaced again until 2 days ago.

Hugo is hospitalized. He has a raging infection. The worms must be removed by hand. They are eating the necrotic tissue AND healthy flesh!We cannot fathom what someone did to him. We are speechless at what has happened to this dog.

And what has been done to him is HORRIFIC! Someone chopped his ear off! Hugo is weak, infected and defeated!
Why? Who? This is a nightmare. Street dogs don’t deserve the heinous mistreatment.
We ask you to pray for Hugo and if possible, please donate to his emergency medical treatment. No amount is too small. We will update as we receive information.

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