Origin: Texas

ADOPT HANNAH- Perky and sweet Hannah is making new friends every day! She would make a great addition to any pack!
Hannah is a fun, agreeable, sweet dog that would make a great addition to most homes.  Check out Hannah here.
Hannah would do best in a home without children under the age of 14 due to her initial shyness although she lived with a 6 year old child prior to her coming north from the Texas border. Hannah is up to date on vaccinations, preventatives, spayed, crate trained, and working on firming up house training.
To apply to adopt, it’s the link in our profile or www.nearandfarAF.com
And big thanks to @beyondthewalkdogs for helping Hannah get ready for forever!

Hannah is back with NAFAF since being adopted out as a puppy. Sadly, the resident dog did not like sharing his space or human and refused to accept Hannah in the home.  Since Hannah is such a bright and playful pup, we felt it was best she returned so we can find a more appropriate placement hopefully with other socially apt dogs that like to have fun.
Hannah is about 1 yr old, 30 lb, mixed breed spayed female. Hannah can be a bit nervous meeting new people and will retreat, but just a few days of going slow with her and she’ll feel safe to show her whole personality. We can help with this transition! We are confident that you’ll see Hannah Banana’s silly side in no time. As she meets more people through positive interactions consistently, we feel she will warm up quicker and quicker to the point that she won’t be shy at first anymore. She enjoys toys and running top speeds in the yard. While living in Texas, Hannah cohabited with multiple dogs without incident. She has now met a few dogs in foster. She stayed away from them at first and observed. After a few days of separate observation, she wanted to meet them and immediately threw a play bow. We will continue to have her interact with these dogs to assure sociability. We feel she would be good in a home with other social, appropriate dogs. She’s quitePlayful and excited when interacting so the other dogs in the home should be ok with an energetic, zealous pup.  She doesn’t seem to chew on things or steal human items.

Hannah would be a great addition to any pack.