Our rescue colleague in Peru, was able to get this dire need pup secured, and she currently resides in her safe house. She is another victim of a cruel world in which people could turn a blind eye to suffering! Her condition was poor and we know if it is difficult for us to see, it is very difficult for her to live with! 

Our beautiful girl  was and still is plagued with Anemia, Elrichia, and Mange! She is being treated for all but has had slow progression, as a result of her malnourishment. 

Vitamins, nutrients and high quality food are all a necessary part of her journey to gain health and wellness. At this time, she still hasn’t reached her pivotal turning point. We are grateful she is in custody at the safe house of our colleague, but still need assistance to support her rescue! Expenses include vet bills, blood tests, antibiotics, vitamins, nutrients and costly high quality nutrition. 

Please consider donating towards Genara’s medical care and food supply today. A well balanced diet is crucial for recovery for mange and during these devastating times, our rescuers and caregivers need all the help they can get to keep these innocent victims healthy and safe.



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