I’ve been fostering for almost 3 years. I have two of my own rescue dogs who love other dogs, especially puppies. As most people know, proper socialization and learning how to “dog” is important to learn at a young age and is necessary for a puppy to be able to become a well rounded adult dog. It makes me so happy to see my foster pups learn from my dogs, to watch them learn how to play and act around other dogs, and learn how to live in a house and be part of a family. And it’s the best feeling ever knowing that I’m getting these puppies off to a great start in life and hopefully making things a little bit easier for their furever families during the adoption and adjustment process. I will always be forever thankful for my two rescues, who are truly angels on earth, and this is a way I can give back to the rescue community and get these puppies ready for homes where they’ll be loved and cared for like they all deserve.

I foster puppies because we have a busy household and my dogs are young themselves so it’s a little too much right now for an older dog, but if you’re able to foster an older dog that needs a quiet household to rest in, or perhaps a dog that needs to be the only dog in the house, who often get overlooked, you’ll never regret it!To anyone considering fostering, whether you foster a puppy or a senior dog who just needs a warm, soft bed to lay on, as opposed to a kennel floor, you’d truly be making a difference!