Origin: Venezuela

True rescuers don't rescue by convenience. They rescue because their heart and conscience propel them to save all creatures in need of help. Our dear colleague in Venezuela came upon a distressed sloth on the side of the road. The female is hours from the nearest rainforest environment so it is probable she was dumped by a human. A temporary habitat was created quickly to keep her safe at the sanctuary. This beautiful creature is gentle and pregnant. We named her Belladonna.

2 days later after being rescued, Belladonna gave birth early Valentine's Day morning. We named her beautiful baby boy Cupid. A local veterinarian confirmed Belladonna's and Cupid's health. Plus experts are being consulted to ensure not only the best care are given to both but the best future for mother and son, and to ensure that returning to their natural habitat is hopeful. Sadly, rainforests are being destroyed around the globe due to industrial growth.

Please consider supporting the effort to protect Belladonna and Cupid.

We must hear from experts, not opinionated social media observers as to the correct course of action. After conferencing with multiple experts we will follow their professional advice. If returning them to the natural habitat hours away is advised, the rescuers will travel to do so, however, if the infant is too vulnerable to predators at this point and the natural nutrients are not available then we will decide based on expert expertise what the proper protocol is.

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