Origin: Alabama USA

We were contacted about an approximate 3-4 week old puppy found covered in urine, fleas, feces, and mud by a church in Alabama. Two Good Samaritans were walking past when they heard whines and cries. They immediately scooped this baby up and ran it home to wash it off. While drying the baby, they realized it was not using its legs and could not support its own weight. After examine her they realized she had a hump on her back and that they needed to find someone to properly care for and diagnose this sweet soul. Did some human dump the baby after it was injured? Was the baby discarded and then hit by a car? We may never know... but we do know is that the stars aligned in this baby’s favor! Not only would we commit to help this precious soul receive the medical care it needs, but NAFAF has ensured the very best foster home for this angel’s scenario. The chips continued to fall into place when our own NAFAF alumni down south volunteered to grab this little one and transport it all the way to us! So the journey both figuratively and literally has begun! The only part we need help with is ensuring we can get this innocent’s medical covered! We will need blood work, fecal, xrays and possibly additional diagnostics to determine what the cause of the paralysis is! Please donate to Baby Sasha's medical care. We can only say YES to these special cases if you support the NAFAF mission.

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