Origin: Peru

This tiny puppy was deliberately harmed! At 2 months old, Nala had her front paw CUT OFF by evil adults! Edith reached us to ask if we could help her try to save Nala. Locals told Edith about Nala and that it was done deliberately. We can’t wrap our heads around the evil that lives in some hearts.

Please consider making a donation to Nala or our Travel Fund to help get Nala here and continue to get her the care that she needs.

NALA NEEDS TO FLY ASAP! In light of the most recent announcement of CDC restrictions, we are frantic over trying to get some of our dogs that have been waiting to travel here before mid July date! We have multiple dogs in Peru that are ready to travel but need your help. Costs for transportation range $1200-$1500 per animal if live cargo transport is needed. OR if we can find a human travel buddy costs are less and the dog can stay in cabin if size permits. Baby Nala and a few others really need you NOW!

Please let Nala have the opportunity be fitted for a prosthetic and to have a forever family, Nala needs to come to the states. We are actively trying to configure the safest and best travel plan for our little girl. We reached out to a stateside prosthetic professional for their opinion for a device for her front limb. There are no local professional that can accommodate Nala in Peru. She received her rabies vaccine and other age appropriate boosters which means she is ready to travel to the states.

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