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Origin: Brownsville, NYC

THROWN FROM BALCONY IN BROWNSVILLE- She is only 6 pounds! Baby Marigold was found unable to move on the sidewalk. A call came into NYPD stating that someone threw her from a balcony. She is filthy with a distended belly. 
We are still in shock to hear what happened to her. 
After being examined by BSAH upon arrival, we determined Marigold needed to be taken immediately to UPenn ER. All faculty are involved because of the severity of her condition and injuries. 
This particular case needs neuro, ortho and anesthesia departments to consult. 


Tiny, innocent Marigold sustained brutal trauma that caused fractures in her vertebrae- SHE IS UNABLE TO FEEL HER LOWER BODY! Immediately upon arrival to UPenn, the ER team worked to relieve pressure from her chest cavity because she had air pockets caused by the brutal trauma she sustained when she was thrown from a balcony. It is still unknown how many stories she fell but her liver levels are elevated which also shows severe injury the body. 

Monday 9am- Marigold is being prepped for anesthesia to have have MRI plus CT scan performed to get an in depth idea of what is happening with the final cord and nerves plus a closer look at the vertebrae and bones.

There is luxation at Lumbar L5/L6 and a fracture in that area along with possible laxation mid back at T13/L1. The goal is to stabilize Marigold and keep her comfortable.

She is in guarded condition. This is a very serious situation and prayers for Marigold and your support is needed.