Origin: USA

Earlier this week we were contacted about a young English Bulldog that is presenting with Swimmer’s Syndrome. She is only 6 weeks old and her current caregivers are not equipped to give her the attention, whether therapeutic or medical, she needs.  They reached out to give this tiny, young pup hope.

After agreeing to surrender her, our next obstacle was transporting her as soon as possible to ensure early physical therapy intervention but she was located in Arkansas and air transport was not an option.  Because of our amazing rescue community, multiple volunteers stepped up to help get our newest addition to PA.

She is now named Lily.

Baby Lily will need extensive therapy in order to try to get her robust body up off her chest so she can continue to develop without damage from lying flat.

Help us give Lily every chance of having a normal, happy life.

Please show your support and donate to Baby Lily’s care.

***Although Lily’s first caregivers were breeders, their love for Lily made them opt to find a compassionate alternative to euthanasia which many pups with the same condition face.  Do we agree with breeders or breeding? Of course not, but in this case, the breeder chose NOT to do what so many others have been to known to do. They chose to not just euthanize a “defective” piece of merchandise, they decided to seek it the best help they could to have the best chance ever at living a normal and healthy life! For that, all agreed, was a blessing. So with that, we welcome another NAFAF rescue to the family at Pibbles Plantation.

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