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Origin: Venezuela

Late at night, a concerned woman discovered Aston, a helpless animal with a gruesome wound, on the street. Aston's condition was critical, with maggots feasting on what used to be his eye. Thankfully, she returned with help the next morning, and Olga stepped in to assist.

Overwhelmed with worry and sadness, we rushed Aston to the clinic where immediate treatment began to carefully remove the worms by hand. Careful removal is vital because the parasites will release a harmful toxin into the bloodstream if not removed correctly. The critical nature of his condition requires antibiotics to combat the raging infection.

Your support is crucial to sponsor Aston's treatment and help him on the path to recovery. Please consider making a donation to save Aston's life and provide him with the care he desperately needs.

Please consider donating to Aston's medical fund.