Origin: Venezuela

For years, Aladdin was used for labor. Clearly he was not given the best care as it is apparent in his poor condition.  Alladin is severely malnourished.  his ribs and hips are just bones poking through his scarred coat.  Our dear friend and rescue colleague came upon him in an open lot along a busy street, sun ablaze, with a lead being secured by a rock.  

Alladin deserves dignity and respect after giving years of himself to hard work.  Olga secured his surrender and needs help getting him a safe area for Alladin to relax and enjoy the rest of his years.

Alladin will need equine medical care, grain, hay, minerals along with dewormer and vaccines.  He will need dental and a farrier's to check his hooves.

Please, if you can contribute, help us give Alladin the life he deserves.

Alladin Sponsor

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Donation Total: $20.00 One Time