Origin: Venezuela

Imagine, you are old and weary, you dream of living the rest of your days out peacefully... but no such possibility seems to lie ahead for you. I am ADIRA. I am NOT a street dog, if you could imagine that... I was owned. I was just left to suffer alone outside. At the tired age of eleven, I lay rotting, wasting away, with severe malnutrition and anemia, myaisis of the snout, a hole right through my back end because worms and maggots were feasting on me. Why? How? Because some humans lack the compassion or education to know they are cruel and selfish. I would have just died there, slowly and painfully eventually but thankfully an advocate who saw me from the road, took action and made an immediate plea for help on social media. This caught my rescuer’s eye, and she immediately sprang into action. She quickly came to collect me and now I will know what it feels to matter! If you agree that I matter then please help me!

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