Origin: Peru

Please help us in our greatest mission yet! The CDC ban on importing dogs from over 100 counties has not only shocked us, but set us in a dramatic race against the clock! We have promised to bring 9 babies from afar to the US to live their very best life in loving homes. This is something they simply can’t get where they are! This extremely unfair ban now has us at a critical point. The news of the July 14 deadline has such unfortunate and devastating ramifications! 
We are not the type of rescue that will give up that easily though, and we will fight like hell to keep our promise to those dogs, because if not, we simply can’t imagine the incredible opportunity that will pass them by! 
These dogs have already weathered the unthinkable and they deserve their chance at a loving, stable, and safe home filled with joy! Will you help us get them here to experience what they have deserved for so long already? 
Time is of the essence, we need you now more than ever!

FOSTERS AND/OR FUNDS NEEDED ASAP TO ENSURE 9 LIVES ARE CHANGED FOREVER! As you all know, this is crunch time. We only have two weeks before the CDC cuts off travel of international dogs to the states.
This is going to be our greatest feat yet!WE NEED FUNDS TO GET THEM HERE ASAP, and FOSTERS to accept them into their homes! 
These dogs have been through the depths of hell and back, and the last leg of their journey to PARADISE is now or perhaps never! 
The impending travel ban with an indefinite expiration date has us scrambling! We implore you to help in ANY way possible!
Everything adds up to possibly achieving NINE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS!

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Donation Total: $20.00 One Time